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The Leutschen vineyard is situated on the upper Lake of Zurich between Pfäffikon SZ and Wollerau in the community of Freienbach. This vineyard is the cornerstone of the Abbey’s wine culture. Since 1562, it is under the proprietorship of the Abbey of Einsiedeln.

To the present day, the Abbey cultivates these seven hectares of land, also comprising the Leutschenhaus built in 1762 - a baroque vineyard house with a historic press. Today the Leutschenhaus has become a renowned restaurant. On 3.5 hectares of the Leutschen vineyards grow grapes of Pinot Noir, on 1.1 hectares Müller-Thurgau grapes, and on 0,75 hectares the Räuschling variety. Further varieties are Gamaret, Rheinriesling, Merlot, Chardonnay and Elbling. The latter was once the primary grape on the shores of Lake Zurich.


A further hectare of the Abbey’s vines is situated not far from the Leutschen on the island Ufnau in the Lake of Zurich. The island Ufnau has belonged to the Abbey of Einsiedeln since the year 965 and was well protected and cultivated by the latter. On about one and a half acres grow Pinot Noir and on about one acre Räuschling vines.


Cultivation close to nature

Sustainable care for the land and plants with respect for the Creation is an integral part of the Abbey’s tradition. Since 2015, no herbicides have been applied to the lower stem regions. This enhances the quality of the ground with its microorganisms and is beneficial for the health and vitality of the vines. Artificial fertilizers are completely avoided. Instead, the vines are given a rich humus layer – in summer by cutting the grass, in winter through natural fertilization by grazing sheep on the land. The Abbey’s policy for pesticides against mildew and grey rot is: „as much as necessary, but as little as possible“, thus resulting in high ecological standards.

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