Kellerei Kloster Einsiedeln, Kloster Einsiedeln, CH-8840 Einsiedeln, T 055 418 62 44

About us

Winery of the Abbey of Einsiedeln

Today’s wine cellar of the Abbey of Einsiedeln dates back to the rebuilding of the monastery in 1704 and has a beautiful baroque structure. Here, the grapes from the Leutschen and Ufnau vineyards are pressed and processed. In the cellar, the wines are fermented, developed, bottled and stored.

The wine cellar is equipped with modern tanks and facilities, enabling an up-to-date pressing and processing of quality wines. The top-quality wines of the Abbey’s winery - the Konvent and the Cuva - are developed in traditional oak barrels.

Our team

Dominic Mathies is our cellarer and enologist. He carries the primary responsibility and guarantees the high quality of all of our wines. Brother Anton assists him in the winery. The vintner Giulia Rohrer is responsible for cultivating the vines in the vineyards. Ursi Stäuble manages the administration and the marketing.

Brother Anton Abegg
Dominic Mathies, cellarer, enologist and president of the viniculture association of the Lake Zurich region
Ursi Stäuble, administration/marketing
Stephan Merz, winegrower

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